Sweet Potato Pudding | Shakarkand Kheer | Genasina Payasa

Picked up a few sweet potatoes on a whim… They looked so tempting with their vibrant purple skin, I couldn’t leave them behind at the market.💜🤩
The last time I bought them they got lost in the potatoes basket at home. See what happened to them when they were tucked away in the darkness of the basket for a few days. The sweet potato sprouted and out came these shoots with pretty purple leaves solely surviving on the flesh of potato for energy. It was a pleasant surprise!

While I was contemplating what to make with sweet potatoes, a friend called saying they have to travel unexpectedly and need to drop off a few packets of milk at my home! 😃 Those milk packets found the right kitchen to be at and made friends with the sweet potatoes in waiting… only to be turned into this rich & creamy, delicious “Genasina Payasa” or “Shakarkand Kheer / Sweet Potato Pudding”.
On cooking, the sweet potatoes gently thicken the milk and add a flavour of its own to the milk. This is probably the only payasa/sweet that I make where I don’t add any dryfruits or nuts! 🤪
This is my mom’s recipe and that meant I had to call her and check again if I remembered it right. 🤪 Feels so good to hear it from her, the little tips and instructions that come with the recipe…I guess I’ll always be her little girl! 🥰 I have so many fond childhood memories of my mom making this kheer. Hoping I’ll get to taste her’s again soon. I was so excited that Anil liked it too and couldn’t wait until I took a picture of it before serving. 🤣 Yes, that’s the scene these days…”Camera eats first!”
Next time you go vegetable shopping, don’t leave those pretty purple 💜 sweet potatoes behind… bring them along!


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Genasina Payasa Recipe:


  • Sweet potato – 3, small
  • Milk – 750 ml
  • Sugar – 1/4 cup


1. Rinse the sweet potatoes and wipe them dry.

2. Cut both the ends and peel the skin. Immediately transfer into a bowl of water to avoid oxidisation and the keep the potatoes from turning brown.

3. Slice the potatoes lengthwise into less than 1/4 inch thickness.

4. Further, cut then into less than 1/4 inch wide strips.

5. Further, cut these steps into tiny squares. Immediately transfer into a bowl of water.

6. Rinse and discard the water. Transfer the sweet potato pieces into a pressure-cooker safe container and add milk. You may also cook directly on a pressure pan/cooker. It can also be open-cooked by that process will take much longer time.

7. Add enough milk to cover all the sweet potatoes.

8. Pressure cook for one whistle only. Turn off heat and allow the pressure to release naturally. Transfer the contents to a thick-bottomed kadai. Add sugar and mix well.

9. Add cardamom powder and mix well.

10. Further cook on high heat while stirring continuously until the milk reduces to 2/3 rd volume. The kheer might look not so thick in consistency but once the heat is off, sweet potatoes absorb a lot of milk and the kheer turns much thicker. Serve it hot or chilled as per your preference. Enjoy!

If you happen to try my Genasina Payasa Recipe; leave a comment, let me know how it turned out.
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Have a great day you all!



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