Chikoo Kulfi

Chikoo/ Sapota/ Sapodilla is a tropical fruit. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this fruit is native to Southern Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. It is widely grown in South Asia including India and almost thought that it is native variety here, but turns out it isn’t.

Chikoo fruit has an exceptionally sweet, malty flavour. When ripe, the flesh varies from yellow to shades of brown and sometimes reddish-brown, and may be smooth or of a granular texture. Smooth texture ones will work the best in the recipe here. Broadly speaking, I feel they are two kinds – one with rounder fruits and the other oval, a bit longer with pointy ends. Look for the longer variety of the fruit. I personally find their skin has smoother texture and the flesh much sweeter.

Chikoo is absolutely delicious to consume as is. It is often added to fruit salads. The most popular of all is the Chikoo Milkshake, and Chikoo Icecream.

Chikoo Kulfi is my attempt at creating a frozen dessert with this seasonal fruit. Often mango season overlaps with chikoo season and it becomes difficult to choose between which one to eat. I love kulfis of all flavours and my chikoos were ripening too fast to be consumed in time. So created these Chikoo Kulfis and now I can relish them for a wee little longer.

This is an instant kulfi recipe which means there is no cooking involved and no boiling/ reducing milk. I haven’t had much success with that process yet. But this instant kulfi method has worked it’s charm for quite a while now and Malai Kulfi, Mango Kulfi, Paan Kulfi, Litchi Kulfi, and Thandai Kulfi made using this technique have been a super-duper hit (if I may say so) amongst family and friends.

To make Chikoo Kulfis, I skinned the chikoos, cut them in halves, removed all the seeds and the pith. The chikoo flesh is blended to paste. This way it becomes easy to incorporate into the kulfis. If you like frozen fruit, you may also add small chunks of it in kulfi. I personally do not prefer frozen chunks of fruit in kulfis/popsicles and tend to avoid using them so.

Chikoo pulp is mixed well with fresh cream, milk powder and condensed milk ensuring there are no lumps. My husband prefers having a little texture in the kulfis, so I have added almond meal in it. It as just the right amount of texture to kulfi.

To made almond meal, pulse almonds 3-4 times in a small blender jar. Do not run in spells more than 30 seconds else almonds will release oil and lose texture too.

For the best result, freeze kulfis overnight.


  • Chikoo – 3, medium or 1/3 cup blended
  • Fresh cream (25%) – 250 ml
  • Milk powder – 1/4 cup
  • Condensed milk – 2 tbsp
  • Almond meal – 3 tbsp


1) Rinse, peel and blend the chikoos to a fine paste. Transfer to a mixing bowl and add fresh cream. Mix well.

2) Add milk powder. Mix well such that no lumps remain.

3) Add condensed milk and mix well.

4) Add almond meal.

5) Mix well and ensure there are no lumps left.

6) Pour into kulfi moulds.

7) Cover the tops of the moulds with aluminium foil.

8) Pierce the foil and stick a skewer/ icecream stick in. Freeze for upto 8-10 hours for best results.

De-moulding: Remove the foil and dip the sides of the mould in a bowl of water at room temperature. Take care and do not let water enter the kulfi mould. Twist and gently pull (do not force) the kulfi out and enjoy!

Alternatively, you can also warm up the sides of the mould by rolling between your palms.

Variation: As I was happily licking away the chikoo kulfi, realised how my co-sister likes her icecream smooth without any nuts for garnish. This got me thinking that there might be others like her who don’t like the added crunch in the smooth texture of kulfi either.

In such case, you may replace almond meal with one medium chikoo and one and a half tablespoon of milk powder.

Do let me know in the comments below how do you like your kulfi – smooth or textured?

If you happen to try this Chikoo Kulfi Recipe; leave a comment, let me know how it turned out. Use in your Instagram posts – #theredplatechroniclesbymeenadanti and tag @theredplatechronicles . To see more of my work, follow me on

Have a great day!


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