Jamun popsicles

Jamun popsicles💜 – I’m totally in love with the colour of this fruit! Awesome colour, lip-smacking taste with a hint of black salt… It is totally yum and perfect to relish in this scorching summer! I have said enough about this delicious Indian summer fruit in the past few posts. So, I’ll leave you with this soothing, pretty picture of jamun popsicles and ofcourse the recipe to make them.😊

Recipe 6 popsicles

(100ml capacity moulds)


🔸Fresh jamun – 1/2cup, de-seeded
🔸Sugar – 1tbsp (optional)
🔸Everest chaat masala – 1tsp
🔸Black salt – 1/4tsp
🔸Salt – 1/4tsp
🔸Lemon juice – 1no.
🔸Water – 1cup


🔸Blend de-seeded jamun, sugar, chaat masala black salt, salt and lemon juice to a fine pureé.

🔸Add water & blend again. Adjust the quantity of water to form a pouring consistency.
🔸Pour in kulfi moulds. Cover the tops with aluminium foil.
🔸With a knife, cut a slit in the foil and insert kulfi stick/wooden skewer.
🔸Freeze for atleast 8 hours or overnight and enjoy through the hot summer days.

If you happen to try this jamun popsicles recipe; leave a comment, let me know how it turned out.

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Have a happy Sunday you all!



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